Monday, March 11, 2013

Programming at 24/7GB's A Day

    School is getting closer and I am super excited(yayy). Not to siked about having to walk like 2 hours home after class but fudge it. It is what it is I guess(O wells). Any ways programmers I have some great news. I have been reading & watching some of the latest news vlogs, blogs, etc.. And I have come to the conclusion I don't know squat.!! For you cheapsters looking for great deals you can always subscribe to WWW.CNET.COM and check out the awesome deals of your liking. There are Software deals(who doesn't love deals), Dell Inspiron 15" Laptops for $300, Microsoft LifeCam's for ONLY $8 (WOW), Home Theater Projectors and a load of stuff that would you cry of joy. And they say this recession is a bother(SOMEBODY LIED...LOL)

    Any who what I wanted to address was that there is a shortage of IT's that exist in this life time of ours. By the time 2016 rolls around only 1/3 will boost the IT field. The issue I have is the location an the ever changing evolution of simple mechanics. Now as a fellow IT I find it important to keep stuff simple. New coding is formulating, cyber security is straight crap to be honest. Government's are getting hacked which is sad to see it happen because it only makes you ask your-self, if a Continent can get hacked what's to stop someone trying to steal my identity? My Grandma's SS? That guy that drives that cool Ferrari who acts like a complete tool(Hope no one beats me to the punch to hack his ass lol)? Just kidding but seriously though; these questions are always running threw someones mind.

   Ever noticed that the stock investors are in stand still. Apple refuses to be crucified by Samsung Galaxy, Starbucks is still freaking overpriced but ridiculously hella good, Tech terms are trying to eliminate the term Vlog because people still haven't caught on. Lets not mention the other things I am missing. Google+ has catered to my every beck and call of "NEEDY INFORMATION" (If no one else say's I will sorry for being a pain in the ass) for reaching out to people that probably wont read my blogs, view my site, add me back, or constantly checking my site to see those sweet photography pics or liking something in one of my cool communities. That's all I have for now so I will code with you guys/girls later. Rock On and happy Tuesday world