Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are apple products gaining a new name for the 2013?

               Greetings my blog readers and I want to say for starters forgive me for being all over the place and not posting blogs on a regular. Dealing with school, wondering what is wrong with my alarm clock since it doesn't want to do it's job, work, and everyday happy stuff. As I was strolling my e-mail looking with the feeling of the great depression since there was nothing but spam and more junk in it, then it hit me like "BAM".....this article that was speaking of the iPhone 5s. Now as a tech geek the new features was the same ol same ol, but when  it hit me like hmmm..... the iPhone 6 should be pretty sweet. Hidden features that have "supposedly" an app for holographic keyboards, mini projectors, and maybe a gas card in there somewhere since I'm pretty positive it might cost a few dollars."DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATHE ON THE GAS CARD BUT THAT WOULD BE AWESOME". So as I'm browsing this topic on the 5s written originally by Lance Whitney of CNET talking about new display sizes on the phones which was nicely written even though I browsed it, still it was impressive. I can see apple not worrying about size in the future and more about quality with quantity. Meaning that iPhone's will be more like a new trend coming out for the first time. Apps that allow you to be able to telecommute from the Bermuda Triangle at no cost for the Wi-Fi, flexible plexy glass that would charge your phone using the real Sun & Moon(my imagination is so weird sometimes but it sounds cool to me), there will be a apple watch that the company gets right but possibly won't work if it is overcharged(that would suck to have a great product but couldn't meet the demand of revenue), and of course the Google Glasses. I see a lot of band wagon jumpers on these since I'm pretty sure that the newest pair will be un deniable and affordable. China will have an amazing run in technology and crush the USA unless Carlos Slim comes out with something awesome with Bill Gates(which in case you can kiss your portfolio good-bye and start calling these dudes GOD because only Warren Buffet and Jay-Z will be able to eat at the table lol). Follow me on twitter @iyazel_LLC to see the latest links I will be sharing. Much love and peace

Monday, March 11, 2013

Programming at 24/7GB's A Day

    School is getting closer and I am super excited(yayy). Not to siked about having to walk like 2 hours home after class but fudge it. It is what it is I guess(O wells). Any ways programmers I have some great news. I have been reading & watching some of the latest news vlogs, blogs, etc.. And I have come to the conclusion I don't know squat.!! For you cheapsters looking for great deals you can always subscribe to WWW.CNET.COM and check out the awesome deals of your liking. There are Software deals(who doesn't love deals), Dell Inspiron 15" Laptops for $300, Microsoft LifeCam's for ONLY $8 (WOW), Home Theater Projectors and a load of stuff that would you cry of joy. And they say this recession is a bother(SOMEBODY LIED...LOL)

    Any who what I wanted to address was that there is a shortage of IT's that exist in this life time of ours. By the time 2016 rolls around only 1/3 will boost the IT field. The issue I have is the location an the ever changing evolution of simple mechanics. Now as a fellow IT I find it important to keep stuff simple. New coding is formulating, cyber security is straight crap to be honest. Government's are getting hacked which is sad to see it happen because it only makes you ask your-self, if a Continent can get hacked what's to stop someone trying to steal my identity? My Grandma's SS? That guy that drives that cool Ferrari who acts like a complete tool(Hope no one beats me to the punch to hack his ass lol)? Just kidding but seriously though; these questions are always running threw someones mind.

   Ever noticed that the stock investors are in stand still. Apple refuses to be crucified by Samsung Galaxy, Starbucks is still freaking overpriced but ridiculously hella good, Tech terms are trying to eliminate the term Vlog because people still haven't caught on. Lets not mention the other things I am missing. Google+ has catered to my every beck and call of "NEEDY INFORMATION" (If no one else say's I will sorry for being a pain in the ass) for reaching out to people that probably wont read my blogs, view my site, add me back, or constantly checking my site to see those sweet photography pics or liking something in one of my cool communities. That's all I have for now so I will code with you guys/girls later. Rock On and happy Tuesday world

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some people can't but I shall

I am super pumped but not going to be a jerk about it. I have always been the type of man to give credit to those that deserve it. So here goes: To all my friends at Guardian, Virginia, My parents, and all my silent friends that I can't name but you all are great fully appreciated honestly. I've been catching reviews on the latest tech gadgets and I don't know about you guys but, I am super impressed.

CNET keeps sending that exclusive news and I will keep reading all the greatness. I enter to win a nook and if I don't win that's super cool because maybe when there is another ipad giveaway I will be a shoe in ;) . Sitting here watching my main channels MSNBC, ESPN and ADULT SWIM.  Not really big on the other channels since I don't watch t.v. due to the slow but steady consistency of research. (Sheesh) that's a mouth full!!!! There are deals somewhere in this world to get a 320GB portable USB hard drive for a very fair price. If that was me I would have made it a 340GB with a portable wifi package to be able to use for a full year for the simple price of $39.99; sounds cool right!? There are simple heights being reached from the hardest problems being solved. Just asking to those that are thinking like I am. How are we going to be able to make our economy a better world to live without the hassle of ignorance?

Since I have been asking of people to be apart of my company that is brand new being built. iYazel is one of the key futures in this technology world and business stand. I posted on my Google+ all the positions that was needed. I am aware people saw it but really didn't know how to reach out for the fear of being laughed at or made fun of for wanting to give it a shot. That is not a problem nor do I believe that is the case but I'm sure they will come around and I am confident every person that fills each position will be awesome at their held titles. I am going to college just like I said that I would. I am getting my Associates Degree in Network Systems Administration. So dear friends with that being said I remember when you said if I needed a favor well the time has come since I believe that it is being used for a reasonable cause. I am qualified for a fair good grant. I am looking to find a pell grants, scholarships, or angel investors to help me finish the rest of my payments. I am in search of twenty-five thousand dollars. This is A LOT to someone who can't pay it but I'm talking to my-self in general. This is my life's dream and this is all I honestly want to do. I chose what I wanted to do and honestly I don't think I'm asking for much. But either way I will graduate and do my thing.

                Peace & Love Blog World

Monday, February 11, 2013

Is iOS in the right direction??

I'm not honestly to sure of the direction of what or where iOS is going. From the Jail Breaks (Which bye the way are having serious issues), Brand new iPhone5's on display, plus Samsung and Apple I believe is going threw patent feuds. I have the experience to have hands on the latest technology that is out. I check my Google+ quite often because I feel it is a really great site for the resources that people are looking for. I love it the "Communities, Friends that HONESTLY care of your well being and the growth of your business. Me minding my own (iYazelinc.com, *coughs* check me out ;) ) business and growing in a small portion where opportunity is ample on a HUGH highway. And the fetish for new toys has entrapped me into a child like manner of waiting in line like a new product from APPLE. iWatches and of course I wish I donated some /money to the Pebbles watch because that thing is super rad man. *Sighs* not being concerned I know that something else will come and I'll get first dibs on it. Speaking of first dibs this star-ship from the movie star-wars, Is it me or does this thing really seem to be to good to be true. I mean come on......If I put money in that project every person in my family better be able to get on no questions asked you understand!! My moms great mom, cousins I never heard of and some. Flexible tech being made from plastic glass is super cool, but what about the holographic's and the 1200GB for the low prices huh!? That's what gets me going on a serious note. I'm just starting to write these type of blogs, so with a little  practice and a few good mentors I'm positive I'll rock out to be the king to technology blog writing and Vlogging ..... Peace!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Greetings good people of faith. Instead of writing my nice blogs that you enjoy reading I would like to do something different. I want to share with you "The Power Within". What I mean by this is that I work hard for a lot of things I do and it's hit me as I've grown older. The nice job that I am fortunate enough to have I used to feel I was not DESERVING of the great things I watch other people be so fortunate to have. The sorrow I felt was a pain because I was fixing a broken heart, watching the worst get stuff they don't deserve, and etc. This nice gentleman offered me a ride home in a very nice Mercedes Benz but I told him politely No an I would take the next ride. It's a hour long walk but it's made me a very strong man. I didn't take the ride because I didn't feel like I was deserving. I honestly think that I am doing something wrong to have the people I care the most about try to plant seeds in my mind and watch me lose everything I worked so hard for and prayed so long to receive. I don't believe that there is no one that can save me as long as I am saving me. I wish nothing but the best for the people that can't help them selves that try to see the worst of me. My bday's coming up and everyone keeps asking me which chick am I going to get in but honestly I don't think girls are in to me that much to give me that kind of bday present. They like me but not that much(lol). It's all good because GOD has given me the power to do his will and I am determined to be great because I have the power within.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Sometimes it is easy"

I had a random thought just the other day an wondered about all the effort it takes to sponsor someone with out looking like your trying to be overly aggressive. I was fortunate enough to sign up with CNET and get exclusive information on the latest trends of technology and my eyes light up like a Christmas tree. Then the reality hit me like "I'm not the only one taking use of this information, but believe I am taking full advantage of the resource. Conversation's of Blackberry's, New ear phones cheaper then DRE BEATS, and drooling over Ford cars with decent sized iPads. I say this because I have loved FORD cars since I was knee high. Aluminum Titanium concept cars put together with pure muscle being compared to LAMBORGHINI'S, prototype BMW M3/M5 all in a basket. As I lay in my office looking at a few iPhone 4 cases that was giving to me for free curtsy of China products(THANKS GUYS :-) ) it warms my heart to be part of innovation and technology. It's hard to keep up with my everyday grind being that I have my website iyazelinc.com, this blog site, working on business plans for my future clients to bring in clients, Tech Tuesdays at my public library to help people understand the power they posses in their grasps. This is a lot and time consuming and I'm sure it's probably a few more things I am missing but it shall be done. With no college experience, but hands on experience with doing and learning as I go this has been the best time to do what I do. Thank you for reading and taking the time to reading my awesome blogs about my life's passion. For every blog, site, twitter page, Facebook post, and every of informal web site I get the chance to run across I truly enjoy reading your work because I am aware that I takes A LOTTTT of time to post, spell check(FROM TYPING TO FAST LOL) and hope someone decent runs across your page and not have nothing negative to post(JERKS). Well good people I gotta go to work to bring in the joy so see you in the streets.......  

Monday, February 4, 2013

To Good To Be True Too!!!

 Just Have To Ask
What makes a really good technology consultant? I'm only being rhetorical when I ask this because the assume-rs think it's 1, 2 and presto!! We have light. I take my passion for electronics with a HEALTHY ATTITUDE and do my best not to be so over aggressive about it. There are millions of site's that can locate you to your every day resource for information. There is for example: Apple, CNET, and so forth would you to take the time to look up this stuff. It takes a lot of time and effort to look into the advanced and sleepless nights to stay on top of your game. Doesn't matter if your a ballplayer, football winning champion, coach, mentor or simple boss doing your best to provide for your co workers to keep them happy(This can be difficult when everyone has a opinion about the little stuff), My heart really goes out to you because as a CEO and admitting your faults, then having people remind you about it day after day can be...... What's the word I'm looking for....hmm.....BORING. When mistakes have been made who are you to be of judge to someone's character(I'll wait)? We the young entrepreneur's strive for the unknown as you already know(or I would hope so). I'm not talking about the already got a few million's in their account and out to make more, I'm talking to the people that have to wake up and say "Ok today's the day and if it doesn't work out fuck it there is always tomorrow". Or I know I have to have make a better budgeting plan but I really want this and the extra Jones. People are in need and I believe I have found a gap to fit this NEED. When you post these sites or samples like "Come and talk to me" or "Check out my site" people find themselves hyped of the idea then fold under the pressure of really going to do it. This is something that I could never understand and it's really turned into a pandemic of shy people not being mentally healthy enough to explore the world. How do you encourage people to open them selves. I'm only asking because the good hearten people I have meet only make me wonder "God am I really doing your will"?