Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are apple products gaining a new name for the 2013?

               Greetings my blog readers and I want to say for starters forgive me for being all over the place and not posting blogs on a regular. Dealing with school, wondering what is wrong with my alarm clock since it doesn't want to do it's job, work, and everyday happy stuff. As I was strolling my e-mail looking with the feeling of the great depression since there was nothing but spam and more junk in it, then it hit me like "BAM".....this article that was speaking of the iPhone 5s. Now as a tech geek the new features was the same ol same ol, but when  it hit me like hmmm..... the iPhone 6 should be pretty sweet. Hidden features that have "supposedly" an app for holographic keyboards, mini projectors, and maybe a gas card in there somewhere since I'm pretty positive it might cost a few dollars."DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATHE ON THE GAS CARD BUT THAT WOULD BE AWESOME". So as I'm browsing this topic on the 5s written originally by Lance Whitney of CNET talking about new display sizes on the phones which was nicely written even though I browsed it, still it was impressive. I can see apple not worrying about size in the future and more about quality with quantity. Meaning that iPhone's will be more like a new trend coming out for the first time. Apps that allow you to be able to telecommute from the Bermuda Triangle at no cost for the Wi-Fi, flexible plexy glass that would charge your phone using the real Sun & Moon(my imagination is so weird sometimes but it sounds cool to me), there will be a apple watch that the company gets right but possibly won't work if it is overcharged(that would suck to have a great product but couldn't meet the demand of revenue), and of course the Google Glasses. I see a lot of band wagon jumpers on these since I'm pretty sure that the newest pair will be un deniable and affordable. China will have an amazing run in technology and crush the USA unless Carlos Slim comes out with something awesome with Bill Gates(which in case you can kiss your portfolio good-bye and start calling these dudes GOD because only Warren Buffet and Jay-Z will be able to eat at the table lol). Follow me on twitter @iyazel_LLC to see the latest links I will be sharing. Much love and peace

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