Monday, February 4, 2013

To Good To Be True Too!!!

 Just Have To Ask
What makes a really good technology consultant? I'm only being rhetorical when I ask this because the assume-rs think it's 1, 2 and presto!! We have light. I take my passion for electronics with a HEALTHY ATTITUDE and do my best not to be so over aggressive about it. There are millions of site's that can locate you to your every day resource for information. There is for example: Apple, CNET, and so forth would you to take the time to look up this stuff. It takes a lot of time and effort to look into the advanced and sleepless nights to stay on top of your game. Doesn't matter if your a ballplayer, football winning champion, coach, mentor or simple boss doing your best to provide for your co workers to keep them happy(This can be difficult when everyone has a opinion about the little stuff), My heart really goes out to you because as a CEO and admitting your faults, then having people remind you about it day after day can be...... What's the word I'm looking for....hmm.....BORING. When mistakes have been made who are you to be of judge to someone's character(I'll wait)? We the young entrepreneur's strive for the unknown as you already know(or I would hope so). I'm not talking about the already got a few million's in their account and out to make more, I'm talking to the people that have to wake up and say "Ok today's the day and if it doesn't work out fuck it there is always tomorrow". Or I know I have to have make a better budgeting plan but I really want this and the extra Jones. People are in need and I believe I have found a gap to fit this NEED. When you post these sites or samples like "Come and talk to me" or "Check out my site" people find themselves hyped of the idea then fold under the pressure of really going to do it. This is something that I could never understand and it's really turned into a pandemic of shy people not being mentally healthy enough to explore the world. How do you encourage people to open them selves. I'm only asking because the good hearten people I have meet only make me wonder "God am I really doing your will"?

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