Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Sometimes it is easy"

I had a random thought just the other day an wondered about all the effort it takes to sponsor someone with out looking like your trying to be overly aggressive. I was fortunate enough to sign up with CNET and get exclusive information on the latest trends of technology and my eyes light up like a Christmas tree. Then the reality hit me like "I'm not the only one taking use of this information, but believe I am taking full advantage of the resource. Conversation's of Blackberry's, New ear phones cheaper then DRE BEATS, and drooling over Ford cars with decent sized iPads. I say this because I have loved FORD cars since I was knee high. Aluminum Titanium concept cars put together with pure muscle being compared to LAMBORGHINI'S, prototype BMW M3/M5 all in a basket. As I lay in my office looking at a few iPhone 4 cases that was giving to me for free curtsy of China products(THANKS GUYS :-) ) it warms my heart to be part of innovation and technology. It's hard to keep up with my everyday grind being that I have my website, this blog site, working on business plans for my future clients to bring in clients, Tech Tuesdays at my public library to help people understand the power they posses in their grasps. This is a lot and time consuming and I'm sure it's probably a few more things I am missing but it shall be done. With no college experience, but hands on experience with doing and learning as I go this has been the best time to do what I do. Thank you for reading and taking the time to reading my awesome blogs about my life's passion. For every blog, site, twitter page, Facebook post, and every of informal web site I get the chance to run across I truly enjoy reading your work because I am aware that I takes A LOTTTT of time to post, spell check(FROM TYPING TO FAST LOL) and hope someone decent runs across your page and not have nothing negative to post(JERKS). Well good people I gotta go to work to bring in the joy so see you in the streets.......  

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