Monday, February 11, 2013

Is iOS in the right direction??

I'm not honestly to sure of the direction of what or where iOS is going. From the Jail Breaks (Which bye the way are having serious issues), Brand new iPhone5's on display, plus Samsung and Apple I believe is going threw patent feuds. I have the experience to have hands on the latest technology that is out. I check my Google+ quite often because I feel it is a really great site for the resources that people are looking for. I love it the "Communities, Friends that HONESTLY care of your well being and the growth of your business. Me minding my own (, *coughs* check me out ;) ) business and growing in a small portion where opportunity is ample on a HUGH highway. And the fetish for new toys has entrapped me into a child like manner of waiting in line like a new product from APPLE. iWatches and of course I wish I donated some /money to the Pebbles watch because that thing is super rad man. *Sighs* not being concerned I know that something else will come and I'll get first dibs on it. Speaking of first dibs this star-ship from the movie star-wars, Is it me or does this thing really seem to be to good to be true. I mean come on......If I put money in that project every person in my family better be able to get on no questions asked you understand!! My moms great mom, cousins I never heard of and some. Flexible tech being made from plastic glass is super cool, but what about the holographic's and the 1200GB for the low prices huh!? That's what gets me going on a serious note. I'm just starting to write these type of blogs, so with a little  practice and a few good mentors I'm positive I'll rock out to be the king to technology blog writing and Vlogging ..... Peace!!!

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