Monday, February 4, 2013

I wish I was normal

Maybe wanting to be like a normal person has never worked out for me.  I can feel my-self shifting into a better person by the day. Meaning I'm not the same person I once was when I was younger. I've grown into a confident man, passionate about my life's work, and in a way I'm pure at heart and have that super super super suppressed anger that I keep well hidden deep inside. As a person I don't ask for a lot, I mind my own business and don't care what other people think of me. REALLY I DON'T!!!! I wish I could share stuff, talk to someone about things that just don't add up, travel more and be even more happier then I already am. I want for nothing because I do for my-self. It's overwhelming sometimes to be NEEDED and not have the opportunity to be free and enjoy what I like to do. The feel of people grasping on to me and won't let me go like I really want. The fear of doing things on my own. It bothers me sometimes. Grown men playing childish games for what??!!! It serves no reasonable cause in my eyes. God favors the humble. I am no saint so I'll be man enough to admit. We all have a dark side that's a nightmare in some form. I don't talk to a lot of women because they don't have much to talk about. Don't stimulate my mind, Just want to stare at me instead of saying what's up(kinda creepy), or my favorite one: we trade numbers but waste my time. Like my favorite saying goes "Someone will hurt me before I hurt them and I''m always the first to get hurt". The world has to wake up man. Some people can't be helped and it sucks but that's life. I'll never be normal because I was born special.

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